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        The subject of the moment, and it’s a moment that’s likely to last for some time, is cybersecurity. Or, as we call this newsletter, CyberInsecurity. And if you're wondering whether your insecurity is justified, we've included survey data in a graphic that should provide confirmation (What the Numbers Say).
   One facet of this subject that’s been fascinating to watch is the complicated relationship between government and business. Are they friends, enemies, frenemies? 
   The government can pass along tips to protect companies from attack. It can also pressure them to provide access to their customer information, which may be less 
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March 2018
welcome. Our interview with Rand researcher Sasha Romanosky delves into some of these issues 
(Challenges in Cybersecurity Provoke Conflict between the Public and Private Sectors). But there always 
seems to be another angle. It may surprise some readers to learn that the government has a history of tech innovation, and some new programs established at universities are designed to lure entrepreneurial 
students to beat a path to Washington rather than Silicon Valley. And they’re actually winning converts 
(Building a Cybersecurity Bridge between Startups and the Military).  
   Finally, it wouldn’t be a new year if we didn’t feature a crystal ball somewhere in the mix. We invited a legal expert to talk to us about two articles that had important things to say. One predicted what we can expect this year; the other warned what we should fear (Predictions and Threats for the Year in Cybersecurity). 
    We’ll be back with another issue of CyberInsecurity next month. Until then, please let us know what you think. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

David Hechler, Editor-in-Chief