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May 2018
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David Hechler, Editor-in-Chief
          e live in an Age of Conflict. It’s everywhere we look. And the 
         challenges of cybersecurity are grounded in, and manifestations of, that conflict. Cyberattacks erupt from political conflict, international conflict, economic conflict—the gamut. And they’ve certainly added to the pervasive global tension. 
  Another troubling trend we’ve seen in the past year has been the erosion of so many longstanding alliances. Countries that have long been allies are on the outs. Brexit and the rise of nationalism
have shaken the European Union to its core. The United States feels a little less stable, and a little more isolated, every day. These developments have been particularly dispiriting to witness because alliances seem to be our best chance of mitigating the problems. 
  In this issue, in our own small way, we explore the power of alliances. First we look at an alliance of maritime companies working to boost their common cyber defense. 
  Then we have a piece about the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, and the 34 companies that vowed to make the world safer from cyberattacks. 
  And our expert article talks about the ways companies need to partner with their service providers in order to enhance the security of both entities. 
  These are three very different kinds of alliances, but they all make a world of sense. They possess the key components that successful alliances have always needed: they’re designed for the mutual benefit of the partners, and they make them all a little more secure.
  Here’s hoping there’s a resurgence of alliances this year.